Something that has always inspired my work is this sense of protection and guardianship that I get from nature. Whether I manifest that into various bearded mountain men or the over abundance of bears I create, each piece is somewhat stemmed from that sense. Until recently I have been hesitant when it came to drawing women, and I think what was holding me back was the fear I would offend my fellow ladies or somehow misrepresent us. But, with the current state of our world, I believe it is more important than ever to represent the power of women. The only way I could think to portray this, and stay true to myself, was by illustrating an earth guardian or mother to inspire women and myself to remember where we come from and the amazing awe and change that we can spur. So, to all my fellow goddesses and forces of nature, go forth and continue to inspire and support each other because sisterhood is impenetrable.

This illustration was created using ink, watercolor and a touch of Adobe Photoshop.